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Community Stories

Everyone has a story to tell.
Every story needs someone to tell it.

Storytellers: We are so excited to hear your stories! To help you with the storytelling process, we'll provide a full list of event guidelines and a few helpful links. Here are a few of the guidelines so you have some idea about the set up. 1) stories can be between 5 and 10 minutes; 2) the audience will be there to support you so there won't be feedback or crosstalk; 3) stories should be true and based on the life of the storyteller.

Audience Members: We are happy that you are coming to support this event and more importantly, those sharing their stories. To ensure this event stays positive, we'll send you a full listing of event guidelines. Some of the most important ones are as follows: 1) keep things centered around the storytellers so we won't be taking audience commentary during the event; 2) show your appreciation by clapping or snapping for the storytellers.

Everyone: The purpose of this event is to continue getting to know the members of our community.

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The link to sign on to the event will be sent 2 hours before the event starts and again right before the event starts.

Can't make this event? We will be hosting 2 more events in 2023. You can sign up for our June event by clicking here:

June Event October Event

Wednesday, January 25th, Virtual
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Session Theme:

Food Traditions

Food and the traditions wrapped around it tell us so much about where we are from and what we have been through. Storytelling is an essential way of handing down history and customs. This event will combine these two ideas and provide a forum to share and honor our heritages.

We look forward to hearing your story.

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